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Twitter is a new media and online communication tool which consists on sending messages with less than 140 characters to our friends (called followers) and to all the public in general.

Currently Twitter is the 10th most visited website in the world with over 65 million messages (tweets) posted each day and 300,000 new registrations daily.

Twitter allows us to get in front of the target audience so that you can connect to them and start a relationship in which each message sent counts, and can be connected with more people. In addition, it also lets us know the messages generated by our followers and see what is mentioned about our company on this network.

We perform the following strategies to promote via Twitter your products, offers and services:


Community generation

Depending on the type of campaigns and the type of business, we will focus the Twitter community to a particular use case.


Content publishing

We answer tweets, generate interesting content for fans, promotions and campaigns launched as a promotional Twitter.


Dynamization and followers search

All our actions are intended to increase followers, visits and sales to our website, to maximize as much as possible ROI.

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