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A community manager is dedicated exclusively to the company's online activities and relationships with customers through social media, forums, blogs ...

The community manager is someone who can get much benefit to your company. It is worth investing a little of your time building the comunity manager about the 4 points you need to know about your company to begin work on the online community, to try to create yourself a page on a social network without the necessary knowledge and no social success on the Internet or, even worse, out badly.


Customer relationship

The comunity manager will be the voice of your company. Will your online public relations, but much more than that will solve the doubts of customers or potential customers, will deal with complaints, listen to the community and gradually going to get the loyalty of your customers.


Social communication

Your customers do not just want your company to have web, e-mail or telephone customer. Having a social media channel 2.0. is an added prestige and reputation for your business, giving added value to your products.

attract customers

Client recruitment and retention

Furthermore, the community manager is responsible for retaining clients. Unlike many online stores where a customer makes a purchase and the store forget it forever, the community manager will offer you support and an open communication channel to achieve permanence and, obviously, to continue trusting us to shop.


Social Media Marketing

The community managers combine perfectly with marketers and creatives and designers for the development and dissemination in networks of intelligent and targeted campaigns to the public interest. Besides truth, one of the best weapons to achieve customer loyalty is the intelligent humor. Surely you are many examples at the head of campaigns have you come inside. Well that is exactly what we do with your business.

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Social networks

Develop your company for a community manager to work by a qualified professional in any of the social networks in which you want to have presence. We'll advise you.


We are the voice of your company

Many companies think they can perfectly deal with all the activity that involves being present on social media and it will not differ much to answer emails, add new products to the catalog and press releases. It is a mistake, as a community manager is a professional who specializes in marketing and customer relations.

If you want to increase your sales through social media, you only have to ask us and we'll show it with results.

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