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Web Positioning in Google, SEO

Our SEO services (search engine rankings optimization) are directed to improve the webpages structure and content and try to achieve better search engine rankings on the Internet main search engines.

On Web&Marketing we focus on Google, Yahoo and Bing as the three main search engine in the world and other ones like Yandex in Russia or Baidu in China. To get be among the first results we constantly work all the following points:

seo google

Initial study and audit

We conduct a comprehensive study of the whole website, analyzing all factors (in-page and off-page) that affect the positioning. We use results and we build a SEO plan, depending on the specific needs.

seo techniques

SEO technical improvements

We propose improvement of the technical issues for website by the customer or performed by our specialists.


Search Engine Positioning

We develop various techniques (except links sale/purchase) to increase the popularity and web site traffic, always prioritizing the optimal keywords and quality content.


Web reputation

We monitor the social media studying references of our website, company and services.

news content

Blogs and forums optimization

We submit press releases to various social media portals, blogs, forums, ...


Diagnosis and web metrics

We perform web traffic analysis reports and study the users behaviour, determining recommended improvements.

google maps seo

Google Maps

To help local sales, we offer Placement Optimization in Google Maps business, keywords, content generation and promotion reviews.

seo positions

Reports and ranking evolution.

We have a pioneering proprietary tool to observe the search position of each keyword and observe their evolution over time.

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